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About Zaran Tech

Have you ever had the experience of working with people who love what they do, and strive to perfect their creations? At ZaranTech, we are a team of brainpower individuals who are eager by the endless potential to train and place our clients so they will get a satisfaction for their achievement. We take pride in our creative abilities and experience to shape and develop clients’ career. In this way our organization is getting more and more productive, expanding its business and serving clients better. We believe that by living our values fully, we make a compelling contribution to technology organizations globally for our clients.

We are honest and straightforward, quietly confident in our capabilities and ask questions to get to the root of your challenge to help craft a best fit. Nothing gives us more joy than knowing the fact that we have contributed to our client's success. A word of appreciation from our clients or the end users makes our day every time it happens, as have numerous times in the past.

Our Beliefs and Values

We identify that expertise in IT field is developing rapidly and requisites offered herein might require become accustomed in the future to reflect present skill and understanding. At Zarantech you will get following things:

Six shared values underpin everything Zaran Tech's professionals do:

  1. Our first priority is our Clients.

  2. Our most essential asset is People.

  3. The Integrity cannot possible without compromises.

  4. Pride is in the superiority of our work.

  5. Excellence comes through passion.

  6. Commitments are vital to improving the company.